Using qxsldbg

Chapter 3. Using qxsldbg

Configure the files, options and parameters to use

You start configuration by clicking the spanner icon on the tools bar

The dialog show below then is displayed

Getting started

To be able to run a stylesheet you need to specify the

  • XSL source
  • XML data
  • Output file

By using the ".." button to choose file desired. Be sure to check that the "Output file" is not the same as the other files.

To follow along with the examples

  • For the XSL source use <qxsldbg root>/xslddoc.xsl
  • For XML data use <qxsldbg root>/xsldoc.xml
  • For Output file use dump.txt

Working with options

You can select zero or more options from the "Options". Each option has a tool tip with a hint on what effect it has.

Working with parameters

You can add zero or more parameters via the "Libxslt parameters" section of dialog. This allows you to provide parameter values to the stylesheet

For example if you had a stylesheet like addparam.xsl you could add a parameter called myparam with a value of Hello World!. To update the value of an existing parameter just add it again with the new value desired. ( Hint: To view addparam.xsl use the right mouse button and choose a text editor to view file. )

Apply changes

For the changes you have made to take effect press the "Apply" button. To ignore any changes press the "Cancel" button.

You can close the dialog using the "X" provided at the top right of the window. If you need to change the configuration just click the

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