xsldbg Installation for RISC OS

You will require :

The LibXML2, LibXSLT and xsldbg source can be obtained from http://homepage.ntlworld.com/justin.fletcher/XML/. For ease, your directory structure should appear thus :

libxml2-2/4/12 libxslt-1/0/9 xsldbg-0/9/5
Original RISCOS Original RISCOS Original RISCOS

The 'RISCOS' directories should contain the source for each relevant library. Where the version of the source differs, the directory names should also be modified. Whilst the original source is not required, the structure allows the source to be held alongside the RISC OS specific version.

Building LibXML2

To build LibXML2, you should :

Building LibXSLT

To build LibXSLT, you should :

Building XSLDebug

To build xsldebug, you should :

Using XSLDebug

Like the other XML tools, XSLDebug expects its filename parameters to be passed as unix-like filenames relative to the current directory, or as file: URIs. With this exception, the tool should fundamentally work in exactly the same manner to the unix version.

This document was written by Justin Fletcher, therefore all faults are his.