Thread usage

A quick summary of how to use xsldbg as a thread..
Please not this is alpha quality code so you should ensure that you don't override any existing xsldbg installation

   libraries  "-lpthread" and "-lqt" are available

download xsldbg's cvs release taged xsldbg-rel-0-9-7 or later (
  configure xsldbg with at least
	--enable-shared=no --enable-xsldbgthread=yes --enable-debug=yes --prefix=<SOME/SAFE/PLACE>
  install as normal

download xsldbgkpart
  configure as normal but may need to specify where you install xsldbg
      --with-xsldbg-prefix=<SOME/SAFE/PLACE> --enable-debug=yes
  install as normal as the configure script should find the xsldbg installation :-)

Header files to be used

Pseudo code for typical usage

function myApplicationInit(){
	application specific intialization ...

  if (xslgbgThreadInit() =  0 )
    report error and quit


function myApplicationQuit(){

	 application specific clean up...



function myApplicationXsldbgCmd(){

Typical event stream

application's                               			xsldbg's thread activities
outgoing messages

   	                        notifyXsldbgApp(XSLDBG_MSG_LINE_CHANGED, NULL); // notifiy that we got to a new line
    										notifyXsldbgApp(XSLDBG_MSG_AWAITING_INPUT, NULL); // tell the application that we are waiting

			some time later	(asked execute command).  . . . . . . .

fakeInput(<COMMAND TEXT>)

										 inputReadBuff =  getFakeInput();
      											notifyXsldbgApp(XSLDBG_MSG_READ_INPUT, inputReadBuff);
                              a little while later ...
										 notifyXsldbgApp(XSLDBG_MSG_PROCESSING_INPUT, NULL);
										      a little while later ...
										if something when wrong executing <COMMAND TEXT>
											notifyStateXsldbgApp(XSLDBG_MSG_PROCESSING_RESULT, commandId , 0 , NULL);
                             get more commands and processes them ...

Application event application processing

The application will need to connect to the xsldbg's thread by using

xsldbg will send it's messages to <MY_QT_OBJECT>