xsldbg Installation for win32 from cvs

Configure, build gnome-xml.

Configure, build libxslt.

 Make sure that there is a /D "WITH_DEBUGGER" in your compile options for libxslt
 otherwise xsldbg will NOT work.

Configure, build xsldbg from < XSLDBG >win32\dsp\xsldbg.dsw.
See index.html for a quick tutorial on xsldbg

It is required that xsldbg, be in your system PATH.An example would be
  set PATH=< XSLDBG > ; %PATH%;

Assuming you checkouted xsldbg to C:\Program Files\xsldbg

Set the XSLDBG_DOCS_DIR environment variable to point to xsldbg's documentation. An example
  set XSLDBG_DOCS_DIR="C:\Program Files\xsldbg\docs\en\"

Setup the XML_CATALOG_FILES environment variable to point to your SGML/XML catalog.
An example when use a XML catalog would be
        set XML_CATALOG_FILES="file:///c%%3A/etc/xml/catalog"

Setup your SGML/XML catalogs using xmlcatalog otherwise you will get warnings when running searches, or
use help commmand 
See example XML catalog creation script See default xsldbg XML catalog See default xsldbg SGML catalog